Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization (R-GIRO) Aiming to Contribute to the Society through Research


R-GIRO:Ritsumeikan Global Innobation Research Organization

Aiming to be the only center in Japan and the leading one in the world to provide human services to people of all ages based on scientific evidence

In 2016, as a project of the initiative R-GIRO research program, we launched a large-scale developmental study titled “Formulation of transdisciplinary human science and reorganization of interpersonal support based on scientific evidence.” The aim of this project is to provide evidence-based human services (such as interventions for persons with developmental disorders and learning problems, career and employment support for persons with disabilities, health promotion for the elderly, etc.) to different generations (infants, children, adolescents, adults, and elderly people) facing challenges or problems in this aging society with a declining birthrate, through the conduction of transdisciplinary studies from diverse perspectives, such as behavior development, neuroscience, narrative psychology, and community society among others.
Our project is characterized by a high participation rate of excellent female researchers from different departments and institutions. We aim to develop a research center—“the only one in Japan, the leading one in the world”—that can provide comprehensive support to people in all life stages, with a particular focus on women’s perspective.